Aeta Children in St. Francis Learning Center Foundation

December 03

Thank u @rotary club of hiyas ng Bacoor for sharing your love to our Aeta Children in st francis, learning center foundation manganvaka subic zambales Tita Emelie Pagtakhan Aurora M Macavinta. Thank you my dear fren, Roselyn Ortiz Abesamis Cora Yu OTTO SHOES Chris Rodriguez for the slippers, Tita Ut rafael, Air Speed International, Madeline Arenas, AD Keene Merlinda Andre and Andre Jay and Jane Smith for the notebooks and for supporting todays mission!

God bless you all!

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December 14

We survived divisoria challenge with May Ortega Ibit our partner from Spread The Love (North Wales) UK for tomorrow’s mission in Lumban Laguna! With Maribel Hernandez Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella.

Overtime repacking for tomorrow’s mission in Lumban Laguna! With Spread The Love (North Wales) head May Ortega Ibit FHM head Maribel Hernandez Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella and Project Bag Of Hope head Mari Mel and Laguna head Em Lourdes Reyes!!!

Thank you mga kapatid, Cora Yu, Jane Smith Craigen Mullin OTTO SHOES and Cong Jocelyn Pua Tulfo and kuya Sen Raffy Tulfo in Action for the love and support!

December 15

TODAYS MISSION in BALUBAD ELEMENARY SCHOOL Lumban Laguna! tita Arpie Patriarca Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. With Spread The Love (North Wales) head May Ortega Ibit, Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella and Project Bag Of Hope head Mari Mel l and Laguna head Em Lourdes Reyes.

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December 19

Maraming salamat mare Reena Buena for sending jollibee to our children’s cancer ward patients in AFP medical center! Ty manang Aida Calagui for coordinating! Sending healing prayers to our children with cancer, see u next week! Labyu!

#missionbeyondmusic #Arpieandthemultivitamins #feedhungryminds

December 19

Yung inaantay ko client sa bahay, nakapag puregold na ako nakapag repack na ako toiletries and goodies for the children with cancer in AFP medical center… thank you Lord!

Salamat kapatid Hannah Murphy Samuel Garcia Shanne Garcia Belaire’s #TakeTheStage for our Balete Batangas Mission! Mari Mel nagamit ko mga face masks hahaha, thank you manay Jane Smith for the noche buena packs for the homeless families, ty manay Mel Garcia for the goodies for our street missions, God bless you all!

#missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins #belaire

December 24

First mission of the day, my FHM warriors, with spaghetti packs from Belaire’s Hannah Murphy Samuel Garcia clothes and jackets from manay Jocelyn Goyena-Bullock, and toys from Roselle Santos and family! Maraming salamat po!

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Celebrating Jesus' Birthday

Polangui albay Christmas mission of Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.

#christmas2022 #WeLoveYouJesus
#missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds
#Belaire #Arpieandthemultivitamins

Celebrating Jesus birthday with the children Oas, Albay Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.

#missionbeyondmusic #christmas2022 #feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins #Belaire #WeLoveYouJesus

Toys for the little ones thank you Santos family fr uk, Roselle Santos Corazon Santos for collecting toys for our Christmas missions!

#missionbeyondmusic #christmas2022 #feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins #Belaire #WeLoveYouJesus

Spent the whole day serving the LORD, its HIS birthday anyway so we decided to serve his children with his enormous blessings shared a piece of your hearts To the children of Albay… Maraming salamat sa inyong suporta tiwala at pagmamahal! Maligayang araw ng kapaskuhan! Pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon! Merry Christmas!

Jane Smith Mel Samuel Garcia Mel Garcia Hannah Murphy Shanne Garcia Hans Garcia Bernadette Depano Duncan E Bradbury Merlinda Andre Andre Jay Craig Mullin Violeta F. Lapid Cathy Borja mayor Dahlia Loyola cong Jocelyn Pua sen Idol Raffy Tulfo in Action, Mari Mel Jocelyn Goyena-Bullock May Ortega Ibit Roselle Santos and family, AD Keene and family, ril Ril Orbeta Omnes and Cesar, OTTO SHOES Chris Rodriguez Belle Ramos Castro Marinel Geronimo Teresita Leus McCarthy Merelene Que Myla V Okinari Susie Lopez Belaire’s and family and many many more! God bless you all!

#missionbeyondmusic #christmas2022 #feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins #Belaire #WeLoveYouJesus

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng inyong pagbati sa araw ng kapaskuhan. Sorry Now Lang may malakas na wifi dito sa Coffee shop, ito lang kaya kong ibigay sa inyo ngayong pasko, pass muna ako sa regalo ha mga Mahal ko unahin natin ang mga kapatid nating walang wala. Eto ang tunay na kahulugan ng pasko para sa akin! Cheers and enjoy the videos!

December 26

I am so happy to received a beautiful video message from my boys, Belaire’s who’s heart is bigger than Araneta coliseum hahahaha, they have been instrumental in converting their music to change so many lives of the underprivileged children in the Philippines. They’ve raised an enormous amount, through GoFundMe and save their earnings in their concerts and songs so we can touch and share little something for the hungry. In partnership with Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. Who in the world wouldn’t be proud of how they were raised by great parents Samuel Garcia Hannah Murphy… thank you mga anak! Shanne Garcia Hans Garcia with the guidance of a Little John who’s has a heart of giant! Cheers! Merry Christmas!
#christmasmission2022 #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance
#missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds #belair

December 27

PNR SITE 1 FTI TAGUIG, medya noche mission, a joint mission with Food for MEDS- KABABAYANIHAN, Spread The Love (North Wales) Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. And Belaire’s thank you, dear friends for supporting our missions. Samuel Garcia Hannah Murphy may May Ortega Ibit, AD Keene Merlinda Andre Carol S. Gash Andre Jay Jane Smith, Shanne Garcia Hans Garcia Mel Garcia Little John Mari Mel Bernadette Depano.

You made about 200 families so happy today! Maraming salamat po!

Media Noche Mission

Todays media noche mission,First stop at brgy Makina, Balete Batangas. Maraming salamat sa ating mga partners na walang sawang tumulong sa ating munting programa at missions, pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon, Belaire’s Samuel Garcia Hannah Murphy Hans Garcia Shanne Garcia, Spread The Love (North Wales) may May Ortega Ibit, Project Bag Of Hope Mari Mel star heart, Bernadette Depano, Craigen Mullin Merlinda Andre Andre Jay, Mel Garcia, Jane Smith, Teresita Leus McCarthy Maribel Hernandez Reena Buena ril Ril Orbeta Omnes, Carol S. Gash, Otto Shoes-Marikina, Chris Rodriguez,Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella at marami pang iba!

#christmasmission2022 #projectbagoghope #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance
#spreadtheloveuk #feedhungryminds #bauk #belair #missionbeyondmusic #missionbeyondmusic

Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.
2nd mission of the day at Motorpool Evacuation center Talisay Batangas!

Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. 3rd mission of the day we visited the Lola’s at bahay ampunan ng mga lola sa Tanauan Batangas brought some rice from Merlinda Andre and Andre Jay assorted laundry soaps and bars from Airs speed international and bread from macy’s bake shop thank you Maribel Hernandez and Mazy Tutor with Hannah Murphy Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella may May Ortega Ibit Teresita Leus McCarthy

#christmasmission2022 #projectbagoghope #projectbagoghope
#eradicatehungerpovertyignorance #spreadtheloveuk #missionbeyondmusic
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Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. 4th mission of the day, for the children with cancer at @afp medical center in VLuna Qc,
di na kinaya ng powers ko, as in grabe na antok ko, so we decided to asked @FHM manila head Maribel Hernandez and Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella and UK head of Spread The Love (North Wales) May Ortega Ibit to deliver the presents to the hospital through manang Aida Calagui! Huge thanks to Belaire’s Hans Garcia Shanne Garcia Little John Samuel Garcia and Hannah Murphy for the love!!!

#christmasmission2022 #projectbagoghope #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance
#spreadtheloveuk #missionbeyondmusic #belair #bauk #simplejoysinlife