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During Julius Baylon Cawaling battle in It’s Showtime Tawag Ng Tanghalan, i brought our two boys from Ang Bahay Parola- Grace Home Jonel and Falcon to the Live Studio to withness and fulfill their dreams to watch their kuya Julius’s live performance and give moral support in the competition. Never realized that momment, hosts like Vice Ganda will give them a long exposures on tv to talk about their lives in the orphanage. They were asked what they’re praying for, the two boys asked for a Karaoke machime so they can practice and be like their kuya Julius in the future. And one of the Judges the great Michael “Mitoy” Yonting said yes its on me! I will answer your prayers and wish! Today we received the gift from their idol Mitoy and just so excited to try and sing to the top of the voices! Jumping for joy and praises!!!! I glorify the LORD for HIS goodness and Love for the children! Let me extend my gratitude to It’s Showtime for being an avenue to change lives without mentioning on that the same day the biological parents of one of our boys saw him in tv and hav been missing for years! Since he is a foundling, we are still in the process of finding out the real stories how they lost the kid and their biological affinities. Its already in our legal team to handle the case. Nonetheless we thank the LORD for out mission beyond our music to change lives and be the voices for the voiceless kids in the country!

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Our mission beyond our music….Men and women empowerment our way of reaching out, letting them feel that we care…Empowering mothers by teaching them how to do basic sewing and fathers teaching them how to fish in the beautiful island of Sigabo Balian Lamitan Mindanao! Nov2019
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Julius Cawaling at

Feed Hungry Minds Headquarters

Maharlika Hiway, Lower Binogsakan,
Guinobatan, Albay, Philippines

Feed Hungry Minds Library, Inc.

This program is a non-profit organization, aims to develop the “love for reading” – a reach out program, basically to provide tools for research, for students who has dreams but less means. This public library collects old books and reading mateirals and old computers from friends and volunteers.

FHM includes feeding programs, scholarship programs for very poor students and free tutorials and livelihood seminars for young adults – adopt a student program and adopt a school program.

“Yes, I’m no politician, have no intention to be in public office, i am a nobody, I’m a mediocre singer, I’m a lousy comedian but i make people happy, i serve the LORD, feed His children and that is my greatest contribution to the world, and my way of worshiping HIM! I have no idea how many, i don’t list down, and it doesn’t matter!”

– Arpie Patriarca 


Feed the MINDS. Feed the SOUL. Feed the STOMACH.

Latest Stories of our Mission

Paco Manila Fire Victims

Thought im done with all my missions in 2019, hindi pa pala, now working on Paco Manila Fire victims

Kidapawan Earthquake Mission

December 29, 2019 Helping rebuild a school in Kidapawan after the earthquake!! Power of friendship!

Mission Beyond Music Concert 2019

When you are blessed, BE A BLESSING to other. Pamasko na lang natin sa ating mga Kababayang biktima ng mga kalamidad. 

December 21st Missions

Children are a gift – an amazing blessing from God. Every single day we may find ourselves doing a lot for our kids,

FHM at Dialysis Center

December 18, 2019 If we can’t bless a hundred dialysis patients bless at least half, and let them feel the love of JESUS through us.

Pilar Sorsogon Mission

December 16, 2019 Feed Hungry Minds Library, Inc. (FHM) delivered some basic necessities and goodies, a Bag of Hope, to some 38 families

Last Batch of Noche Buena Packs

December 15, 2019 “Bag of Hope 2019 yearly project” of Arpie & the Multivitamins and Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. Batangas Association UK

Cebu Mission

December 15 Im so happy to see my book have reached the children in the remotest mountains of Can-asujan, Carcar City Cebu

Occidental Mindoro Relief Mission

Cooked 25 kls of ground pork stew for todays feeding mission to 300 ip’s kids (indigenous people/aetas ) today we will visit 2 communities

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FHM Mission Beyond Music Concert

July 18, 2018 – Johnny B Good, Makati City

PhilStar Visionaries

Brigada: Ang misyon ng “Feed Hungry Minds”

May 08, 2018 Episode

Brigada: Isang banda, naglilibot sa bansa para tumulong sa ating mga kababayan

Brigada: Band vocalist, mas piniling mag-volunteer kaysa magtrabaho sa ibang bansa

COBSAF Philippines Award for Arpie Patriarca

The FHM Services

About Us

This program is a non profit foundation, aims to develop the “love for reading” a reach out program,

Feed the MINDS

FEED HUNGRY MINDS LIBRARY, Inc. – FEED THE MIND project aims to develop the “love for reading” a reach out

Feed the SOUL

FEED HUNGRY MINDS LIBRARY, Inc. – FEED THE SOUL project aims to touch the hearts and soul of the less privileged

Feed the STOMACH

FEED HUNGRY MINDS LIBRARY, Inc. – FEED THE STOMACH project is focused on feeding communities in depressed areas,


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Mission Beyond Music

By Vberni Regalado (The Philippine Star) | Updated September 18, 2017

MANILA, Philippines — He was a farmer’s son from Bicol whose penchant for reading was indescribable. But he came from a poor family who had to toil day and night just to make ends meet, and books were beyond his reach.