February 8

FHM street feeding mission
LOCATION: Centennial Baesa, Quezon City

AD Keene

February 9

FHM street feeding mission

Mam Uni Pacay Buckley & SIR CON

February 10

FHM street feeding mission
LOCATION: Nitang st novaliches.


February 12

FHM street feeding mission


Street feeding mission malate manila area

Sunday well spent… “BIYAYA or BLESSINGS”

Yesterday, our volunteer driver “tiny” day off, still we decided to drive around manila area, cooked hot meals for 250 street children and found out that there were lots of stranded sea farers in Kalaw Area from different provinces waiting for their visas or working on their flights to work abroad, some even brought their children with them, forced to live in the park and outside the vacant establishments in Malate.

As we Listen to their stories we can’t help but sympathize with them and shared a simple hot meals and bread.
For meryenda, it may not be enough but they we’re really thankful for the simple act of kindness and the food we brought them. They call it “biyaya” every time we stop at couple of kids, one would shout to their colleagues, “likayo may biyaya”
Biyaya in english is “blessing” then I realized something for them it’s indeed a big blessing.

How do we raise funds for our daily street feeding mission? We get it from our gigs tips from generous guests watching our shows every Tuesday and Thursday at Bloom Café + Bar in greenbelt2 makati. Since we only play 2x a week our fundings is very limited.

Again, “biyaya/blessings” sometime comes in different forms, everytime Maribel Hernandez and Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella would tell me, “its our last feeding day today,” we running out of funds, But Someone from somewhere will always send biyaya, for our next feeding missions…WOW! Galing ni LORD talaga. This year I only have one wish on my birthday on March3 as we also celebrate our 12th founding anniversary of Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc., to be able to feed at least 13 communities in different parts of the country.

Last year, i prayed to build and roofed 33 houses in Bantigue and Butan Island in Bohol after typhoon Odette but we exceeded the challenge and built 44 houses for 44 homeless families who losts their homes From the typhoon. This year, i pray for at least 13,000 children be fed. I will encourage all my friends and my band Arpie & the Multivitamins and all our FHM volunteer workers to cook pansit and bread and share it to every hungry child in their area or community. They don’t have to send me any birthday present for i dont need anything, all i want is to send me pictures of any act of kindness they can hand to a hungry child or hungry stranger on march 3. Maybe that’s the best birthday present ever!!! Can u do that for me? Advance super thank you! Lavyu all!

#feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance

February 24

What a heart breaking and dusty mission, today it pains my heart heart seeing many hungry children in this community, living near the construction site of a nearby establishment, beside the hiway, where small houses built along the creek made of pieces of carboards and sacks… what a mission. Huhuhu

Thank you to all our friends who supports our band Arpie & the Multivitamins and Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. For the tips and donations! Without you we can never feed 250 hungry children everyday!

#eradicatinghungerpovertyignorance #missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds #Arpieandthemultivitamins

February 27

Today’s street feeding mission in scout tuazon and roces ave quezon city, sponsored by my generous cousin ate @edna patriarca barret ate Belen Cabujat for her birthday! Thank you ate! Labyu!

#eradicatinghungerpovertyignorance #missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds

February 28

Praise GOD FHM manila team is advancing our Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. 12th year’s anniversary today heheheh di kumpleto pero sige lang with Gras Ya Maribel Hernandez Maricel Anderson and charu and Andrew Anderson and Olivia! Missing bella/ruby and Reena Buena Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella