Christmas in the Hospital

Because we know how it feels to be sick and spending Christmas in the hospital. One of Belaire’s mission through their music is to reach out not just to the hungry but also to the homeless and sick children. We were not allowed to personally see the children of our soldiers with cancer at AFP Medical Center – V. Luna General Hospital but through manang Aida Calagui we were able to deliver the love from our friends in NYc thank you, Shanne Garcia Hans Garcia Hannah Murphy Samuel Garcia Little John and many more who have been instrumental in sharing a piece of your hearts to the needy kababayans! God bless you all!

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January 2

Spent the whole morning in Divisoria and went straight to Mamila Corazon Santos, Roselle Santos and Racquel’s house in sun valley and started packing schools supplies and toiletries for our Jan 21 mission in Alitagtag Batangas. As we commemorate Mamila’s first death anniversary, the Santos family and Batangas Association UK sponsored the said mission! Thank u for partnering with Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.
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January 4

Its our day off today so I asked Rex Pili to do a street mission and went to c6 where we surprised the magkakangkong living under the flood control wall/dike while harvesting water spinach or kangkong, in return they gave me a bouquet of fresh kangkong hahhahaha

Everyone received a pack of dinorado rice and a beautiful bible verse from Merlinda Andre and Andre Jay thank you po sa
Lahat ng pagmamahal at suporta.
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January 9

Ive been receiving boxes of donations from abroad, and make sure everything is well sorted out, from infants clothes, to adult. For some reasons i always carry with me infant and baby clothes in my car, last night I pulled over, macapagal ave, when i saw a baby sleeping under the tree, with her mom, i know I didn’t cause the traffic behind me, then i heard cars honking, akala ko galit yung mga sasakyn sa likod… natakot ako, so madaliang nag hanap ng mga damit para sa sanggol, kasama ang nanay, nalaman ko dun lang pala sila nakatira, eh malamig ang panahon awang awa ako sa Bata, kaya naghanap ako ng mga pajama at marami rami din ako naibigay… takot ako sa mga sakyan sa likod ko, deadma ng magalit sila sabi ko saglit lang, then me 2 guys na nasa kotse, akala ko naka dirty fingers sa labo ng mata to yun pala nag thumbs up sa akin… huhu natakot ako, kase Mag isa Lang ako. Today i saw one of the tellers ng psbank she’s pregnant then gave her some white infant clothes kase di pa nya alam ang gender ng baby nya. The rest i sent it to AFP medical center in V.Luna, c/o manang Aida Calagui to distribute clothes to the sick babies na mga anak ng mga sundalo.

Honestly di ko na matandaan kung kanino galing yung mga clothes, pero ang importante napunta sa tamang kamay at mga nangangailangang mga nanay. Sa inyong lahat na katuwang ko sa gawaing ito Maraming salamat gabayan at biyayaan kayo ng Panginoon, sa inyong kabutihan!

– with Madeline Arenas, Mari Mel Maricel Anderson Maribel Hernandez Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella Hannah Murphy May Ortega Ibit Teresita Leus McCarthy Marinel Geronimo Uni Pacay Buckley Maria Luisa Oropesa Jane Smith Bernadette Depano Mel Garcia Jocelyn Goyena-Bullock AD Keene at marami pang iba!???????????? kahit mukhang basurahan lagi ang sakyan ko, lahat ng laman neto nagdadala ng ngiti sa mga kapuspalad, kaya wag kayo mag taka kung bakit may biskuit, tubig, gatas, lampin, diapers, gamot, bigas, kumot, jackets, tsinelas at sapatos sa loob ng sakyan ko. Not to mention may martilyo, lagare at pako din pala at mga sako.

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January 10

Haven’t seen Mr samson the owner of OTTO SHOES since the pandemic, today i paid him a visit and talked about business, our missions, our personal views and political views. Honestly I learned so much from him, i call him ‘dy he is always A fun person to be with, full of wisdom and super generous person, he supplies all our slippers we distribute to barefooted children around the country especially during calamities, he is always ready to share his love to the children. Thank you po for trusting Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. As a partner in sharing GODS love to the underprivileged! Ty kapatid Chris Rodriguez all these years!

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January 11

Repacking the first batch of Mindoro Rice for our next missions, courtesy of our friends and partners from NYC a Joint Project with Belaire’s a new york based boy Band who’s making a big wave in the music industry Shanne Garcia Hans Garcia Hannah Murphy Samuel Garcia Little John and many more generous peeps helping us in our mission beyond music project! Also sorting out shoes and slippers from OTTO SHOES to be distributed to the fire victims of Paliparan Dasmarinas city cavite! With Maribel Hernandez and mamila Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella and Rafael Patriarca

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FHM Green Warriors

One of my simple project, i can say I’m truly proud.

During the pandemic and lockdown after our 101 days of cooking and feeding medical frontliners, i was tired and exhausted and decided to go back to Bicol to re charged and thought of doing something good for the Community.

With very limited funds left In our account I borrowed idle lands from friends and organized women to plant vegetables for their daily consumption and built a small learning hub And a library for their children. While mothers are busy in the garden our volunteer teachers tutored their children in their school assignments and modules and we introduced a simple program called “read along”. During our harvest, vegetables was sold to the market and sales were shared by everyone. Some harvest is cooked and served as daily meal for their children in the garden. And the last harvest was shared to the whole community as we call it “first community pantry. In the afternoon, mothers would rest at the hub and gave them trainings like basic, baking, organic farming, sewing, food preservation, basic entrepreneurship training and money management and other livelihood programs that we partnered with different governments agencies. As a result we encouraged and lend them small capital to start a small business/small store showcasing their unique products. And we launch the very first bazaar in our garden, which we converted into a eco tourism park later on.

To date our garden is still well kept and maintained, though regular classes has already started, few kids visits the garden, but our warriors are still active in planting and now harvesting crops from what they planted during those times.

I may have back in Manila for my work but i still visit them and continue to inspire them, motivate them to be productive and continue to inspire more people from the simple project to something they can truly be proud.
Now i can say, all my sacrifices were paid off, we have not just developed friendship but different skills and discovered their potential not just as plant lovers but green warriors with a deeper mission!

Oh i miss my ladies…. Hope to see you soon! Keep planting and harvesting! Im so proud of you all!

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January 21

Jan21 feeding and school supplies and rice mission today at Alitagtag Batangas in partnership with Batangas Association UK, family of the late Mamila Corazon Santos, and Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.

Thanks to all our volunteers today who helped us out from marketing, repacking, cooking and preparation and distribution.

Teresita Leus McCarthy Kevin McCarthy Gloria Diaz Adele Villar Adel Villar Maribel Hernandez Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella Hubert Francisco Rafael Patriarca Maria Abad Angel Santos, racquel Santos, Roselle Santos.

God bless you all!
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Mission after the TNT battle! #inspiringsinger
Our champion Ahn Camacho may have lost the Tawag Ng Tanghalan It’s Showtime today’s battle, her voice wAsnt in good condition, so after the competition she packed her things from the studio and went straight to cheers the children in the streets, and treat them with hot pansit and bread! Wow! Youre more than a champion in the eyes of the children that we at Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. Served! We more than proud of your heart, power, attitude and class! Congratulations! #ahncamachotntjourney #Arpieandthemultivitamins #missionbeyondmusic
#sherylsquid #ItsShowtime #TawagNgTanghalan

January 25 - Street feeding mission in Roxas Blvd, Pasay City!

Jan 25,2023 as written in Matthew 25:35-37

‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. ‘

Thank you Belaire’s Samuel Garcia Hans Garcia Shanne Garcia Hannah Murphy Little John and all our NYC friends for the LOVE!

Proverbs 19:17
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord.

Thank you very much for sharing hot meals to the hungry street children in manila today! The Orange Bucket – DoubleDragon Plaza Mia Caballa ellaine Elaine Caballa CoRina Korina, ty mamila Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella and Maribel Hernandez for cooking delicious meals for the children and handed it to the hungry!

God bless you all!

Dental and rice and shoes and slippers mission at san Ramon Mermer Manaoag Pangasinan

With 2 hours sleep last night after a very long but super fun show in Papaya General Tinio Nueva Ecija, woke up to brighten the day of the children and mothers waiting for us in Brgy San Ramon MerMer Manaoag Pangasinan. Another 4 hour drive from where we stayed at last night. Today we partnered with our sister NGO @cob foundation with its founding power couple Uni Pacay Buckley Conn Buckley and Bay Area Global Outreach Lions Club we have been partners for years now. Today we had dental mission and gave away meds and vitamins grocery packs, slippers and shoes from OTTO SHOES, ty bro Chris Rodriguez ???????????? and NYC based boy band Belaire’s Hannah Murphy Samuel Garcia Hans Garcia Shanne Garcia Little John and many more for the packs of rice!!! Special mention to bff Roselyn Ortiz Abesamis for sponsoring our gas and toll fees! And Arpie & the Multivitamins band for the whole day mission! And of course the great doctors and dentist who gave so much smile with less pain to all patients today! Saludo Dr. Eunice Patriarca and company! Cheers!

Maraming salamat po!