Congratulations, Gerod!

Who would have thought that one of our orphans who was once a street Kid, will send me his graduation picture, graduating senior high school today. Soon he will be in college, the very first from one of our boys, at the orphanage, excited for GEROD who will enter college soon, Im so happy to receive this kind of graduation pictures of our children, but honestly i feel guilty since the pandemic, we lost our shows, our source of funds for the children and our mission, still praying that’s soon bars and stage will open for us so we can send more children to school!!! Although the most frustrating part is to hear that some of our scholars have to quit and stop schooling due to the long lockdown and were forced to get a job at an early age due to poverty, although some are working part time in our coffee shop and trying to learn additional skills in food business. Mahirap ang buhay pero kapit lang.
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Lara Morena's Birthday!

Getting ready for our street feeding mission today for the street children in Agham road Qc sponsored by the birthday girl Mylene Sanchez!!! Ty mars! Labyu #feedhungryminds #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance

Mission muna bago magShow tonight here at the libingam ng mga bayani in Taguig with Maribel Hernandez Lilibeth Duran Festejo Estrella Merna Brazil and didier’s birthday mission!!!???
#eradicatehungerpovertyignorance #missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds

Preparing pansit, hotdogs sandwiches and drinks for the children of Bukal upland Calamba Laguna for todays feeding mission in celebration of FHM Laguna Head @maricelanderson birthday, ? Maraming salamat sa lahat ng patuloy na tumutulong sa aming misssions, the Tulfo Family @jocelyntulfo @raffytulfoinaction @grace_flores2000 @miss_michelleayalde labyu labyu all!??? #missionbeyondmusic #feedhungryminds #eradicatehungerignorancepoverty

In a feeding mission first stop at brgy4 upland bukal lakeview calamba laguna for Maricel Andersons bday mission and Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc.

Thanks to Grace Flores Michelle Ayalde Gras Ya and sen Raffy Tulfo and cong Jocelyn Pua for the support! #missionbeyondmusic #eradicatehungerpovertyignorance #feedhungryminds #AndersonsResort

Just when ur about to pray for more missions, actress fren and Feed Hungry Minds Library Inc. long time volunteer of FHM Mylene Sanchez ( Lara Morena) played at Family Feud to raise funds for our school supplies mission for the children and won 20k wow thanks mare and send my love to the other actresses Ines Veneracion and frens.

Another FHM Florida Head Merlinda Andre and bro Andre Jay started stocking rice for our missions in the future should prices of rice and gas goes too expensive that we can’t afford anymore, we have a back up. My manay Jane Smith Gras Ya sent fundings for our forthcoming feeding mission. My friend Parizad Dalal-Irani left all her sons precious stuff to be shared to the children in our missions, wow cant thank you enough.

Special thanks to the TULFO family, for continued support to FHM mission my kuya Senator Raffy Tulfo cong. Jocelyn Pua, Mar Tulfo-Tungol and Cong. Ralph Tulfo ninang Merelene Que and ninang Roda Carreon for the LOVE! And for helping me fund my vegetable seed program?

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